Freedom of Fear – Purgatorium
Envenomed – Through The Cold
Blackhelm – Carving a Titan
M0dal1ty – Redemption
Northlane – Eclipse
Lagerstein – Shoey Song
Above, Below – Labyrinth
Thy Art Is Murder – Eternal Suffering
Take My Soul – The Fall
Hope Drone – Forged By The Tide
Seas Of Conflict – Eventide
Karnivool – Themata
Chaos Divine – One Door
Alchemist – Garden of Eroticism
Vanishing Point – Distant Is The Sun
Mortal Sin – I Am Immortal
Nazxul – Watching And Withering
Daysend – Acid Laced Fiasco
Harlott – And Darkness Brings the Light
Be’lakor – The Smoke of Many Fires
Double Dragon – The Skulls Of Fallen Conquerers