Sleepmakeswaves – Zelda
Chaosaint – Darkness Following
Temtris – Forever
Our Last Enemy – The Holy Ones
Figures – Someone Uninvited
Abramelin – Knife-Play
Immorium – Across The Fade
Caligula’s Horse – Valkyrie
Descend To Acheron – The Godless Pt1
Descend To Acheron – The Godless Pt2
Darker Half – Glass Coloured Rose
Double Dragon – Inflictor
Superheist – The Fight Back
Lynchmada – Throat Of Stone (Ghost Steps)
Lord Kaos – Golden Winds On Red Streams
Victoria K – Freedom Unchartered
Droid – Divine Ascent
Voyager – Misery Is Only Company
Red Bee – Chasing Shadows
Taramis – Lord Of The Blackfields
Mortal Sin – Voyage Of The Disturbed
Naberus – Slaves
Deströyer 666 – I Am The Wargod (Ode To The Battle Slain)
Earth Rot – Towards A Godless Shrine