Witchskull – Lord of the Void
Boris The Blade – Anathema
Circles – Tether
Aerials – Drawing Blood
Hadal Maw – White Elephant
Carbon Black – End of This
Kaerulean – The Human Conditioned
The Eternal – The Wound
Hidden Intent – Drop Bears Are Real
Mortal Sin – Robbie Soles
Lord – The Richest Man
Contrive – Slow Dissolve
The Amenta – Erebus
Blunt Shovel – Destination Dog Food
Mournful Congregation – Whispering Spiritscapes
Snake Mountain – The Burden
Pestilent Doom – Hordes of the Wretched
Gospel of the Horns – Absolute Power
Cryogenic – Fall On
Armoured Angel – Myth Of Creation