Superheist – The Crow
Parkway Drive – The Greatest Fear
Circles – Sleepwalking
Gangs Of Old Ladies – For God and the Devil Are One
Battlegrave – We Die Here
Victoria K  – Persephone
Voyager  – Submarine
Primitive – With the Rats and Snakes
Amniostasis – Flesh Merchant
Silent Knight – Full Force
Ocean Sleeper – Your Love I’ll Never Need
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Compound and Fracture
Echoes In Eternity – Into The Negative
Twelve Foot Ninja – Mother Sky
Sensory Amusia – Vermin
Mortal Sin – Voyage Of The Disturbed
Psychrist – Depraved Humanity
Hyperion – Animal Light
Carbon Black – One Enemy
Truth Corroded – Knives Of The Betrayed
Be’lakor – Hidden Window
Immorium – Across The Fade
Blunt Shovel – Sewer Pipe Throat