Primitive – With the Rats and Snakes
Voyager  – Submarine
Battlegrave – Obsessions Gate
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Foundation
Psycroptic – A Fool’s Errand
The Overcoming Project – Determination
Silent Knight – Full Force
Circles – Sleepwalking
Victoria K  – Persephone
Parkway Drive – Glitch
Gangs Of Old Ladies – For God and the Devil Are One
Amniostasis – Flesh Merchant
Addictive – Get Out Of My Life
Mountain Wizard Death Cult – Initiation
Alchemist – Eve Of The War
4Arm – Raise A Fist
Mortal Sin – Psychology of Death
Immorium – Waves Of Damnation
Truth Corroded – Decimate
Christbait – Loose
Hidden Intent – Walking Through Hell
Superheist – The Crow
Be’lakor – Neither Shape Nor Shadow