Carbon Black – End of This
Degrees Of Seperation – Shadows
Dead Letter Circus – The Real You
Hadal Maw – White Elephant
Plini – Salt + Charcoal
Whoretopsy – In Like Flynn
The Creptter Children – Asleep With Your Devil
Hypergiant – Colossi
Mammal – Dead
The Amity Affliction – Feels Like I’m Dying
Bayview Suspect – Until Dusk
Opus Of A Machine – Strength In Stone
AUSSIE ‘HEAVY’ REQUESTS Bands that begin with the letter ‘B’ Only!
Blunt Shovel – Sewer Pipe Throat
Blatherskite – The Other
Black Majesty – Silent Company
Be’lakor – Withering Strands
Bane Of Isildur – Of Crimson And Cold Steel
Battlegrave – Mortar Fire
Blood Duster – D.F.F.
Bestial Warlust – Death Rides Out
Bear The Mammoth – What’s yours was mine
Boris The Blade – Anathema
Breaking Orbit – Time Traveller