True Believer – Back To You
Terraphobia – Rise
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Compound and Fracture
Remains – Lords Of Grind
Superheist – A History Of Violence
Gangs Of Old Ladies – Raped By Ghosts
Witness – To Become A Tyrant
Dracorex – Out For The Count
Jake Weber – There’s Something In The Blood
Pestilent Doom – Final Sacrament
Malignant Aura – In A Timeless Place Beneath The Earth
Hatescape – Altruist
Devonian – Apostasy
Abramelin – Knife-Play
Dungeon – The Art Of War
Alchemist – Yoni Kunda
Killengod – Believe In Divination
Disembowelment – The Spirits Of The Tall Hills
Twelve Foot Ninja – Collateral
Allegiance – Give Yourself
Destroyer 666 – Satan’s Hammer
Armoured Angel – Myth of creation
Ne Obliviscaris – As Icicles Fall
Helm – Bermuda