Beleth – First Born
Warrior Within – Pagan Spirit
EnforcE – Metal United
@Silent Knight – Dreams (Van Halen Cover)
@To The Grave/ – Death By A Thousand Cuts
@Desecrator – Summoning
Lost Lexicon – Foreboding Gifts
Innasanatorium – Night Terrors
Twelve Foot Ninja – Long Way Home
Zeolite – Indoctrinated
Mercurious – The Fade
Bison – Blindside
AUSSIE HEAVY REQUESTS – One Band Only, you have seen live many times?
Sleepmakeswaves – Emergent
Dungeon – Resurrection
Alchemist – Garden of Eroticism
Manticore – Force Fed
Mortal Sin – Blood,Death,Hatred
Thy Art Is Murder – Death Dealer
The Butterfly Effect – Gone
The Mark Of Cain – The Contender
Psycroptic – Merchants of Deceit
Frankenbok – Victims
Blood Duster – Porn Store Stiffi
The Furor – Inferno Fortification
Caligula’s Horse – Slow Violence