Polaris – Inhumane
Electric Mary – The Dealer
Shattered Hourglass – BloodHound
Alt. – The Great Depression
Neomantra – Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead)
Bear The Mammoth – Freshwater
Our Last Enemy – Still Breathing feat. CJ McMahon
Hemina – Revelations
Ion Sky – Devil’s Corner
Oceanlord – Kingdom
Alchemist – Escape From The Black Hole
Make Them Suffer – Doomswitch
Hobbs Angel Of Death – Crucifixion
Mortal Sin – Deadman Walking
Dead Kelly – Butchered With A Boomerang
Pod People – Back To Reality
Truth Corroded – Crown The Apocalypse
Portal – Husk
Temtris – Lament
Terrorust – Hunting Humans
Blood Duster – Chuck
Blackhelm – Carving A Titan
Harlott – The Penitent
Vexation – Origins Of Hate