As Paradise Falls – Bats
Hatescape – Altruist
Superheist – Medicated
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Shrine Of Wire
Psycroptic – Exitus
Devonian – Apostasy
Bunyip – Dodged A Bullet
Jake Weber – There’s Something In The Blood
Werewolves – Harvest Of The Skulls
Malignant Aura – Malignant Aura
Visualis – Doom Arise
Gangs Of Old Ladies – Disease of the Undead
AUSSIE ‘HEAVY’ REQUESTS – Bands that start with the letter “S” Only!
Sadistik Exekution – Agonising The Dead
Synaescope – God Complex
Silent Knight – Power Metal Supreme
Segression – Painted In Blood
Sunk Loto – Sunken Eyes
Sakkuth – Reborn Into Dreams
Switchblade – Wings Of Redemption
Sydonia – Ocean of Storms
Sanctium – Intent To Maim
Stargazer – Pale Brethren
Scaphis – Blood Eagle
Steel Swarm – The Underworld Awaits