Witchgrinder – They Walk Among Us
Branch Arterial – My Curse


Frankenbok – Voodoo, Inc.
Devil Electric – Hypnotica


Azreal – Beast
Flynn Effect – Fade
In-Extremis – Extinct Eradicate


Cemetery Urn – Misshapen Affliction
Nucleust – Lullaby Paranoia
I Am Duckeye – Blue Lightning


Harlott – No Past


Adrift For Days – A Sleepless Grey
Aussie Requests – Bands that start with the letter ‘B’!
Black Majesty – Lost Horizon
Blackened Angel – Purgatory
Bane Of Isildur – The Gates Of Valhalla
Be’lakor – Venator
Blood Duster – D.F.F.
Blatherskite – Third Day Fear
Bestial Warlust – Barbaric Horde
Blunt Shovel – Double Cannibal Shotgun
Battlegrave – Mortar Fire Final
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace – Fading Light
Barbarion – Barbarion
Buried In Verona – Saturday Night Sever