12 Gauge Rampage – Dead In A Hot Tin Shed
Alien Weaponry – Tangaroa
Lucifungus – Night Of The Living Derek
The Omnific – Antecedent
Beleth – Black Speech
Synaescope – Consequences Are A Choice
Desecrator – Summoning
Dive Into Ruin – Cage Raised
Mental Cavity – Place of Ease
Reign Of Terror – Human Centipede (Live)
Zeolite – Nightmare
Arkenstone – Ascension of the fallen
AUSSIE HEAVY REQUESTS – The Best Album Cover artwork?
Karnivool – Fade
Espionage – At Lightspeed We Strike
The Berzerker – Cannibal Rights
Vanishing Point – Denied Deliverance
Pegazus – Road Warrior
Destroyer 666 – Australian And Anti-Christ
Alchemist – Chinese Whispers
Immorium – Echoes
Bestial Warlust – Dwellers of the Bottomless Pit
Mortal Sin – Woman In Leather
Revulsed – Agonising Putrid Self-Infliction
Harlott – Detritus Of The Final Age
Carbon Black – End of This