Glass Ocean – Bolero
DepriVation – Quick And The Dead
Carbon Black – The One Who Knows My Name
Old Haunts – Are You Sure This Is Fun
Descend To Acheron – Plague Of Superstition
In Hearts Wake – Hellbringer
Temtris – Forever
Nucleust – Pretend Pessimist
Vanishing Point – Dead Elysium
Torizon – Find My Way Out
Chaosaint – Knives Are Drawn
Sithlord – From Out Of The Darkness
Figures – Underpaid Machinery
Lo! – Gods of Ruin
Witchskull – This Silent Place
Hybrid Nightmares – Lucifer Vesper
Dreadnaught – The Gobbler
Blood Duster – Showered With Affection Part 2
Frankenbok – Fukenkunts
Lord – Chaos Raining
Alchemist – Eve of the War
The Occupants – Wonderland
King Parrot – Spookin the Animals
Witchgrinder – Our Nightmare
The Amenta – Zero
Truth Corroded – The Immolation Seen