In Hearts Wake – W2HA
Dead City Ruins – Speed Machine
Remains – Remains
Scaphis – Blood Eagle
Nicolas Cage Fighter – Shrine of Wire
Mushroom Giant – Vestige
True Believer – Back To You
Bunyip – Dodged A Bullet
Yeah, Sick – John Wick’s Dog
Sonic Circus – This Feeling
Bilke – Gorillas
Panik – Fight Song
Psycroptic – Rend Asunder
Misery – Ill of the Dead
Double Dragon – The Skulls Of Fallen Conquerers
AC/DC – Are You Ready
Valhalore – Across the Frozen Ocean
Teramaze – And The Beauty They Perceive
In:Extremis – Flesh Test
Caligula’s Horse – Marigold
Disembowelment – Your Prophetic Throne Of Ivory
Ne Obliviscaris – Pyrrhic
Orpheus Omega – In Time
Desecrator – To The Gallows