Flaming Wrekage – Altar Of Lies
Void Of Vision – Decay
Executus – The Black Throne Of Chaos Abandoned
Repriever – Grim
Introspect – The Wisdom Of Mountains
Hidden Intent – We Are The End of Us
Carmeria – To Lead the Blind (*SONG PREMIERE)
Flynn Effect – Andromeda
Stormtide – Awakening
Claim The Throne – Firestorm
Emissary – Return To Nil
AUSSIE HEAVY REQUESTS – Songs from 2005 to 2015 ONLY!
Floating Me – Spirals
Thy Art Is Murder – Immolation
Lord – Limb From Limb
Truth Corroded – As A River They Bled
Forever The Optimist – Warning Horns
Harlott – Proliferation
The Butterfly Effect – A Slow Descent
The Amenta – Spine
Karnivool – Set Fire To The Hive
The Berzerker – Burn The Evil
Ne Obliviscaris – And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope
Breaking Orbit – Orion