Snake Mountain – The Burden
Horizons Edge – Farewell


Icecocoon – Falling Away
Opia – All Of Us


Greystone Canyon – Astral Plane
Shatter Brain – Dog’s Water


Interview w/ Karina Utomo / High Tension
High Tension – Ghost To Ghost


Interview w/ Matt Young / King Parrot
King Parrot – Spookin the Animals


AUSSIE REQUESTS – Bands that start with letter ‘A’.
Allegiance – Chaos Dies
Airbourne – Back In The Game
Armoured Angel – Myth of creation
Alarum – Remote Viewing
Atomizer – Upon The Dying Priest I Spat
Alchemist – Dancing To Life
Aversions Crown – The Soulless Acolyte
Artemis Blade – The Fall
Abramelin – Humble Abode
Aeon Of Horus – Symbiosis
Arcane – The Seer
Anatomy – Suncrusher
Astriaal – Millenia Of Bloodshed