All This Filth – Reject the Machine 
Code Atlantic – Illusion
Orpheus Omega – In Time
Life Pilot – Dark, Dark Goose 
Illyria – Kenopsia
Mirrors – Cold Sanctuary
Walk With Kings – The Long Shadow
Zeolite – Despised
I Am Duckeye – Headlights
Darkcell – The Great Big Nothing
Truth Corroded – The Storm
Japam – Roak
One Song Only! The last ‘Australian Rock/Metal Band’ you saw Live?
King Parrot – Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag
High Tension – Ghost To Ghost
Twelve Foot Ninja – Collateral
Cog – The Middle
Airbourne – It’s Never Too Loud for Me
Sleepmakeswaves – To light and then return
Carbon Black – End of This 
Hadal Maw – White Elephant 
Voyager – Ghost Mile
Desecrator – Manic
Thy Art Is Murder – Puppet Master
Nothing – Whores and Locusts
Circles – Resolution
Psychonaut – Darklord Rise!