Northlane – Heartmachine
King Parrot – Now it Stokes Frenzy


High Tension – Ghost To Ghost
Snake Mountain – The Burden


Kaosphere – Brothers In Arms
Make Them Suffer – Uncharted


Encircling Sea – Sunhelm
The Omnific – Objets De Vertu


Horizons Edge – Farewell
Parkway Drive – The Void


Steel Swarm – Everything Lasts Forever


Bands that begin with the letter ‘M’ Only!
Mortal Sin – Mayhemic Destruction
Mortality – Structure
Mytile Vey Lorth – Burnt waters
Mindsnare – The Fall Back
Malignant Monster – Back In The Icebox
Mournful Congregation – Mother – Water, the Great Sea Wept
Meshiaak – At The Edge Of The World
Mammal – New Breed Judas
Manticore – Mask
Misery – On Demon Wings
Mortification – Monks of the High Lord