The Day Everything Became Nothing – Shock – R.I.P. Dean Engert
Lo! – Rat King
The Amity Affliction -It’s Hell Down Here
Ablaze – Gasoline
Interview w/ Jack  – Void Of Vision Part.1
Void Of Vision – The Lonely People
Interview w/ Jack  – Void Of Vision Part.2
Void Of Vision – Hell Hell Hell
Void Of Vision – Into The Dark
The Harvest Trail – Spree
Interview w/ John  – Alpha Wolf Part.1
Alpha Wolf – Creep
Interview w/ John – Alpha Wolf Part.2
Alpha Wolf – Creep
Torrential Thrill – Breathe
Ne Obliviscaris – Misericorde I – As the Flesh Falls
Anoxia – Languish In Suffering

Wildeornes – Under Oak

Contrive – What’s Mine
Se Bon Ki Ra – Symmetry
Devolved – Distorted
Chaos Divine – The Beaten Path
Crypt Crawler – The Illusion We’re Under
Truth Corroded – The Immolation Seen