Belle Haven – Take Your Pill
Echoes In Eternity – Underneath The Vapor
Krave – Purgatory
Lagerstein – Dreaded Skies (Live)
Hidden Intent – Altar of Sacrifice
Northlane – Clockwork
Our Last Enemy – Long Time Coming
The Harvest Trail – War
W1tn3ss –  Dunning – Kruger Effect
Rawtism – Go Rawtistic!
Flaming Wrekage – Cathedral Of Bones
Darklore – From The Shadow
Chaos Divine – No Saviour (Rise & Fall)
Sithlord – From Out Of The Darkness
Cog – My Enemy
Slaughter Lord – Steel Lords of War
The Butterfly Effect – A Slow Descent
Vanishing Point – Salvus
Witchskull – A Driftwood Cross
Rome – The Cheerless Dwelling Of An Avaricious Usurer
In The Burial – The Author And Architect
Deprivation – Through The Ribcage
Immorium – Only Cinders Remain