Greystone Canyon – Astral Plane
Steel Swarm – Everything Lasts Forever


Shatter Brain – Dog’s Water
Parkway Drive – Wishing Wells


High Tension – Ghost To Ghost
Dead City Ruins – Bones


Icecocoon – The Great Aerial Ocean
Encircling Sea – Elderfire


Kaosphere – Brothers In Arms


AUSSIE HEAVY REQUESTS ONLY! Bands you have seen live recently!
Darkc3ll – Preacher
Metreya – Rage Fire Fury
Shadow Realm – Dead Space
Claim The Throne – Fury Entwined
Taberah – The Final March of Man
Red Descending – Building My Weakness
Direblaze – Confinement and Privation
Frankenbok – Drive it into the Ground
Harlott – The Penitent
Truth Corroded – The Saviours Slain
Black Rheno – Lock the Gate
Temtris – Mind Games