Hatescape – God-Complex
Engraved – Wake Up
Temtris – Eternal Death Machine
Run – Everyone’s Cancelled, Everything’s Cancer
Voyager – Promise
Doomed And Disgusting – Sinister Sorcery
Choof – Yoghurt Cups
Mammon’s Throne – Return Us To The Stars
Munt – Zero Sum
Lo! – Cannibal Culture
Wildeornes – Mouth Of The River
Dream Upon Tombs – Ghost Of Dawn
Caligula’s Horse – Firelight
Immorium – Trainwreck
Alchemist – Chinese Whispers
Be’lakor – The Smoke of Many Fires
Hobbs Angel Of Death – House Of Death
Damaged – Nails
Portal – The Back Wards
Alarum – Delta
Sadistik Exekution – Astral Abortis
Zeolite – Sculpture of Torment
Adrift For Days – We Stare Into The Sky