Copia – Redemption
Regular Gonzales – Seeing Red
Frankenbok – Drive it into the Ground


Valhalore – Guardians of Time
Voyager – Ascension


Sleepmakeswaves – Into The Arms of Ghosts


Taberah – Child of Storm
Flaming Wrekage – Thrown To The Wolves
Damnations Day – Colours Of Darkness


Synaescope – The Illusion of Control


Last 9 Days – Hatred Now Burns


Thy Art Is Murder – The Purest Strain of Hate
Se Bon Ki Ra – Caught In The Crossfire
Jerk – Wrong
Floating Me – Spirals
Claim The Throne – Set Sail On Ale
The Amenta – Flesh Is Heir
Mindsnare – Among Us
Segression – BioMechanical
The Butterfly Effect – A Slow Descent
Lord – On A Night Like This
Belligerent Intent – Tyrants of Slaughter
Frankenbok – The Virtue Of Angels
Twelve Foot Ninja – Coming For You
Alkira – Submission Therapy