Moustache Ant – Grandiosity
Anubis – The Tables Have Turned
Earth Rot – The Cape Of Storms
Envenomed – Are You Gonna Go My Way
Sleepmakeswaves – The Endings That We Write
Hidden Intent – A Place Of Horror
Oath Of Damnation – Ardenti Haereticus
The Meaning Of – Mother Earth
Heathenspawn – Hell’s Tavern
Age Of Emergence – Your Kingdom Dies
Bands that start with the letter ‘M’!
Mindsnare – The Fall Back
Mammoth Mammoth – Tear It Down
Manticore – Force Fed
Malignant Monster – Intruder
Mammal – Smash The Pinata
Mortal Sin – Woman In Leather
Meniscus – DTB
Maniaxe – Maggots of God
Meshiaak – Bury The Bodies
Malakyte – In Between Terminals
Mortification – Grind Planetarium
Motherslug – Symptoms Of The Human Race
Misery – Inverted prophet
Mortality – Structure