The Poor – Payback’s A Bitch
Inertia – Arisaka
T-Rex Autopsy – HMAS
A Gazillion Angry Mexicans – Trail of the Cloven Hoof
Malignant Aura – Malignant Aura
Incrypt – Ghost Hour Chimes
Massic – Plummet Back To Earth
Astrodeath – Ceremonial Blood
Zombonimo – Camo
Besomora – I Was Made For Lovin You
Ironstone – Shiny Things
The Butterfly Effect – One Second Of Insanity
4Arm – Submission For Liberty
YLVA – Hunting Room
The Ascended – The Dark
Crypt Crawler – Force Fed to the Dead
Defryme – Sanity – R.I.P. Terry
Sakkuth – Time And Sweat Nectar
Sadistik Exekution – Astral Abortis
Be’lakor – Sun’s Delusion
Mortification – Too Much Pain
Hobbs Angel Of Death – Marie Antoinette
Terrorust – Hunting Humans
Sunk Loto – Empty And Alone