Parkway Drive – Absolute Power
High Tension – Bite The Leash (Burn)


Dead City Ruins – Destroyer
I Built The Sky – Altostratus


Witchskull – Priestess
COG – Altered States
Espionage – Enter The Arena


Abnegation – Fallen From Grace
Inhuman Remnants – Solipsis II
Moonshifter – Am Yours You Are Mine


The Ascended – Drag Me To Hell
Horizon’s Edge – In A Moment


Black Rheno – First World Bitches
Encircling Sea – Kinsoil


Deprivation – Left For Dead
Mournful Congregation – A Picture of the Devouring Gloom Devouring the Spheres of Being


Kaosphere – Chokehold
Icecocoon – Breaking You Apart


Dark Universe – Weight of the World
Shatter Brain – Invisible War