Voyager – Prince Of Fire
Night Legion – The Hounds Of Baskerville
Thy Art Is Murder – Join Me In Armageddon
Astrodeath – Neo Nephilim
Make Them Suffer – Ghost Of Me
Firestorm – Darkness Falls
The Mighty Few – Don’t Be So Fucking Dramatic
The Last Martyr – Comedy Tragedy
DisKust – Never Have I Ever
Engraved – Deadline
Proclivity – Mania
Voyager – Colours
Superheist – The Fight Back
Freedom Of Fear – Immortal
Frankenbok – Victims
Witchgrinder – The Demon Calling
Bestial Warlust – Orgy of Souls (Hallowed Night)
Abramelin – Moon Dogs
Encircling Sea – Elderfire
Minus Life – The Hypnotist
The Amenta – Erebus
Pod People – Two Eyes Bleeding
Hobbs Angel Of Death – Jack The Ripper
Werewolves – Self-Help Book-Burning
Shadow Monarchy – Global Division