Echoes In Eternity – To Show Resilience Deletes Humiliation
Bison – Take Your Place
Temtris – Forever
Nothing Sacred – Final Crime
12Gauge Rampage – #killedmorecuntsthancovid
Acolyte – Entropy
Chassm – Absentia Terra
Our Last Enemy – Decline Atrophy
StormSinker – Quivering Hourglass
Conduction – Closing of the Gate
The Last Martyr – Hindsight
King – All In Black
Twelve Foot Ninja – Coming For You
The Amity Affliction – Pittsburgh
Lord – Playing To Win (LRB-John Farnham cover)
Alchemist – Chinese Whispers
The Butterfly Effect – Filling Silence
Ruins – Keeping This Crown
Astrodeath – Leviathan Rising
DepriVation – Quick And The Dead
Earth Rot – Dread Rebirth
Vanishing Point – Free
Harlott – Prime Evil