Adriatic – Death’s Funeral
Battlegrave – The Black Vortex
Remains – Bloodthirst
Terraphobia – Eschaton
T-Rex Autopsy – Ibn Sina
Sensory Amusia – Bind, Torture, Kill
Bastardizer – Erotic Christ
Eviscerate The Crown – Betrayer Deceiver
Werewolves – We Are Better Than You
Longing Maw – Scum Saviour
As Flesh Decays – Transcendence Through Torture
Psycroptic – The Shifting Equilibrium
Synthetic Breed – Catatonic
Larry Leadfoot – Convulsion (Live)
Hidden Intent – A Place of Horror
Vanishing Point – The Healing
Mortal Sin – I Am Immortal
Cog – Holes
Breaking Orbit – My Direction
Daysend – This Is A Warning
Acolyte – Entropy
4Arm – Fragment of a Dream