Espionage – Light Begins To Fade
Red Bee – Dead Inside


Witchskull – Priestess
Parkway Drive – In Blood


Lethal Vendetta – Erasing Hate
Abnegation – Fallen From Grace


Grill – Heart of the City
Opia – All Of Us
Mournful Congregation – Whispering Spiritscapes


Dead Letter Circus – The Armour You Own
Terracotta Pigeons – Evasion persuasion


Steel Swarm – Everything Lasts Forever
Cog – The Middle


Solum – Evoking The Dead
Like Thieves – Never See It Coming


I Am Duckeye – Dead Eyes
High Tension – Ghost To Ghost


Snake Mountain – The Burden
Icecocoon – Falling Away


Artemis Blade – The Fall
Greystone Canyon – In These Shoes
Hidden Intent – Seeds Of Hate


Make Them Suffer – Grinding Teeth
Rise Of Avernus – Eigenlicht