In Heart’s Wake – Passage
Voyager – Misery Is Only Company


Taberah – The Final March of Man
Desecrator – Red Steel Nation


Orsome Welles – Father’s Eyes
Billie-Jade – Horror Haus


Bear The Mammoth – Decembering
Mish – Artax
Frankenbok – Segregate the Masses


El Colosso – Leatherhead


Figures – Recoil


Name One Band Only you have NOT seen live?
Orpheus Omega – Karma Favours The Weak
Boris the Blade – Warpath
Breaking Orbit – Become the Light
Red Bee – Road Kill
Psycroptic – A Calculated Effort
Damaged – Dust
Vanishing Point – The Tyranny Of Distance
Gospel of the Horns – A Call To Arms
Parkway Drive – Dedicated
Allegiance – Chaos Dies
The Berzerker – Purgatory
Superheist – Raise Hell
Armoured Angel – Myth of creation
Universum – Day of Redemption