DisKust – Never Have I Ever
Voyager – Prince Of Fire
Firestorm – Darkness Calls
The Mighty Few – Don’t Be So Fucking Dramatic
Thy Art Is Murder – Join Me In Armageddon
The Last Martyr – Comedy Tragedy
True Believer – Knife To The Memory
Make Them Suffer – Ghost Of Me
Astrodeath – Golden Death Machine
Werewolves – Under The Ground
Bear The Mammoth – Unserene
Lo! – Our Fouling Larder
Deprivation – Weakened by Power
Witchskull – The Red Altar
Immorium – Diamonds Of The Fire
Ne Obliviscaris – Xenoflux
The Day Everything Became Nothing – Cut
Daysend – Ignorance Of Bliss
Voros – Devilment
Armoured Angel – Hymn Of Hate
Plague Dweller – Our Names Will Not Be Called (The Priest)
Alchemist – Yoni Kunda
King Parrot – Dead End
Claim The Throne – Set Sail On Ale
Vespers Descent – All that Remains