Bison – Take Your Place
Carmeria – To Lead the Blind
Conduction – Closing of the Gate
12Gauge Rampage – #killedmorecuntsthancovid
Our Last Enemy – The Holy Ones
StormSinker – Quivering Hourglass
Nothing Sacred – Final Crime
Acolyte – Acceptance
Chassm – Absentia Terra
Burial Pit – Priest
AUSSIE REQUESTS! One Band you discovered on this station?
Rise of Avernus – A Triptych Journey
Crystal Ignite – Black Mamba
Hellbringer – Coven Of Darkness
Breaking Orbit – When Isis Starts to Cry
Abstract the Light – Spinning Plates in the Tapestry of Existence
Hadal Maw – White Elephant
Psycroptic –  A Fragile Existence
Twelve Foot Ninja – Vanguard
I Am Duckeye – Frankston Burial
Victoria K – Surreal
Blackhelm – Dark Clouds Of The Inferno