Scaphis – Blood Eagle
Where the Devil – Misery
Psycroptic – Rend Asunder
Coffin Carousel – Order Of The Bat
In Hearts Wake – W2HA
Sonic Circus – This Feeling
Remains – Remains
Ethereal Realm – Watch Us Bleed
Werewolves – Crushing Heaven’s Mandate
Sensory Amusia – Parasitic Alteration
Lost Lexicon – Dominion
Vanishing Point – Distant Is The Sun
The Mark Of Cain – Familiar Territory
Alchemist – Soul Return
King Parrot – Like A Rat
Conduction – Closing Of The Gate
Karnivool – We Are
Hobbs Angel Of Death – House Of Death
Espionage – Wings Of Thunder
Armoured Angel – My Fist, Your Face
Sunk Loto – Burning Bridges
Blood Duster – Pissing Contest
Damaged – Nails
Aversions Crown – Imperfect Design
Astrodeath – Invasion