Conduction – Closing of the Gate
Bison – Stained
The Omnific – Wax & Wane
Beleth – First Born
Twelve Foot Ninja – Long Way Home
Chassm – Drowning
Mercurious – The Fade
Portal – Drain
Drown This City – Beyond The Glare
Rawtism – Stay Metal
12Gauge Rampage – #killedmorecuntsthancovid
AUSSIE HEAVY REQUESTS – One Band only, you wish would reform?
Alchemist – Tide In, Mind Out
Daysend – September
Blood Duster – Northcote
Armoured Angel – Myth of creation
Gospel of the Horns – Absolute Power
Damaged – Don’t Spit
Allegiance – Chaos Dies
Infernal Method – Reanimating The Wicked
Sunk Loto – Sunken Eyes
Lynchmada – Broken Bones
Sakkuth – Time And Sweat Nectar
Dungeon – Resurrection
Switchblade – Wings Of Redemption
Five Star Prison Cell – I Curse This Vessel
Scar The Surface – Victory When Misery Fails