Mass Sky Raid – Tidal Wave
Ekosa – Visceral
Voyager – Prince Of Fire
Illusionary – Loathe
Night Legion – The Hounds Of Baskerville
DisKust – Never Have I Ever
Artesia Black – All In Your Mind
Mountain Wizard Death Cult – Orbital
The Amity Affliction – It’s Hell Down Here
Whisperhead – Hang From The Ceiling
Oceanlord – 2340
Chaos Divine – Badge of Honour
Destroyer 666 – Satan’s Hammer
High Tension – Bite The Leash
Sunk Loto – Goodbye Tonight
Frankenbok – Swim
Reign Of Terror – Human Centipede (Live)
Disentomb – Broken Under Your Symbol of Atonement
Claim The Throne – Harbinger, Scavenger
Dreadnaught – Scenester
Mortal Sin – Down in the Pit
Darkc3ll – Death Of Rock’n’Roll
Lord Kaos – Crystal Lakes
Valhalore – Across the Frozen Ocean