Psycroptic – Beyond the Black
Sumeru – Rivers of Lethe
Divine Ascension – New World
Alithia – Faces In The Leaves
Southeast Desert Metal – Break The Silence
Shatter Brain – Blood and Thunder (Mastodon Cover)
Grill – Dirty Two
Battlegrave – Betray Your Beliefs
Above, Below – Beyond the Mosaic Garden
Virgin Black – Requiem Aeternum
AUSSIE REQUESTS – Australian 90’s Heavy Rock/Metal Bands.
Alchemist – Dancing To Life
Subtruck – Dog
Allegiance – Morally Justified
The Poor – More Wine Waiter Please
Damaged – The Travellin’ Maniac
Lord Kaos – Crystal Lakes
Beanflipper – Embrace The Calm
Mortal Sin – H
Pegazus – Apache Warrior
The Mark Of Cain – Point Man
Henry’s Anger – Personality Test
Armoured Angel – Hymn Of Hate
Cryogenic – Death By Misadventure