The Last Martyr – Burn It Down
Wicked Smile – Night Time Riders

Illyria – Pragma
Mortuary Sickness – Diabolical Rites Of Agony

Caligula’s Horse – Golem
Mushroom Giant – Aire River Rapids

Chapel Perilous – Skeletal Remains

Chaos Divine – At the Ringing of the Siren (Live)
Jake Weber – Two Wolves

All This Filth – It’s Never Going To Be Ok
Revulsed – Perditional Enslavement

Werewolves – Mission Statement
Mortal Sin – Martyrs Of Eternity
Twelve Foot Ninja – Liberation
Desecrator – Summoning
Sadistik Exekution – Astral Abortis
Dungeon – Insanity’s Fall
Be’lakor – Venator
Daysend – This Is A Warning
The Amenta – Sere Money
In Malice’s Wake – The Blindness Of Faith
Frankenbok – Rolling Dice On Dirty Street