Citadel – Malignant
Amniostasis – Heart Like A Tomb
Lycanthrope – Built On Glass
Astrodeath – Red Weed
Infinite Exile – Futility
Black Lava – Necrocatacomb
Void Of Vision – Hell Hell Hell
Eviscerate The Crown – Dear Colossus
Descend To Acheron – The Welcoming Void
All This Filth – Still Bleeds My Heart
Emergency Rule – Corporation
Blood Luxury – Million Dollar Manslaughter Motherfucker
Temtris – One for All
4Arm – Submission For Liberty
Lo! – Glutton
Frankenbok – The Last Ditch Redemption
Slaves of Dissonance – Panopticon City
Airbourne – No Way But The Hard Way
Mindsnare – Burning Black
Portal – Manor of Speaking
Dead Kelly – Black Dog
Alchemist – Unfocused
Twelve Foot Ninja – Coming For You
Mortality – D.Form