Southeast Desert Metal – Break The Silence
Above, Below – Beyond the Mosaic Garden
Divine Ascension – Beyond The Line
Psycroptic – Upon These Stones
Sumeru – The Temple
Opus Of A Machine – Up. Out.
Temtris – Flames of Defiance
Rise Of Avernus – Forged in Eidolon
Circadian Pulse – Disruptive Oceans
Red Bee – One Way Heart
Shatter Brain – Rip the Stitch
AUSSIE REQUESTS – Your favourite Australian Rock/Metal Vocalists.
Chaos Divine – Symbiotic
Dead Kelly – Black Dog
Karnivool – Themata
The Butterfly Effect – Perception Twin
AC/DC – Down Payment Blues
Damnations Day – Colours of Darkness
Alchemist – Escape From The Black Hole
Disentomb – Cystic Secretion
Dreadnaught – How Bad Do You Want It
Chronolyth – Facing the Ash
Segression – High Speed Changer
Ghosts Of Black River – Damaged