Wicked Smile – Night Time Riders
Those Left Behind – The Message

Ironstone – Red Hound
Chapel Perilous – Skeletal Remains

Plini – Ember
Escarion – Memoirs of Madness

Hazmat – Tailspin
Revulsed – Equitable Sufferance
The Amenta – Plague of Locus

Miruthan – Land Of The Damned
Torizon – Martyr

Parkway Drive – In Blood
Earth Rot – Dread Rebirth
Se Bon Ki Ra – All You Can Be
Hidden Intent – Seeds Of Hate
Orpheus Omega – Within These Walls
Zeolite – Deceit
Werewolves – My Enemies Look And Sound Like Me
The Opinion Industry – Petitions-Protestors
Addictive – Get Out Of My Life
Killengod – Even Death Flow
Sumeru – Foundry Of Dread
King – One More War
Slaughter Lord – Die By Power
Iconoclast – Oppression