Idle Ruin – The Devil’s Trade
Red Sea – The One
Psycroptic –  A Fragile Existence
Choose Your God – Vaticlimax
Sonic Circus – Everything
Shackles – Ribcage Renovation
Harlott – Detritus of the Final Age
Jake Weber – Machine God
Deprivation – Through The Ribcage
Escarion – Greed
Robot God – Unified Field
Your Favourite Australian Heavy Rock/Metal Tshirt you own?
Lord – Fallen Idols
Darkcell – Hail To The Freaks
The Occupants – Wonderland
Cruciform – Sanctuary
Twelve Foot Ninja – Mother Sky
Contrive – Slow Dissolve
Blood Duster – Ilovethepills
Cog – No Other Way
Abominator – Desecrator of Sanctuary
Mortification – Terminate Damnation
Dreadnaught – The Gobbler