Ironstone – Mr. Struggle
Tempest Rising – Kingdom
Killrazer – The Burial Begins
Devil Electric – Take The Edge Off
Zeolite – The Bellowing Void
Kimura – Digital Mercy
Excuse For An Exit – Death Of Me
Be’lakor – Locus
As Light Decays – Chaos In Order
The Dark Horde – Destiny
Militaria – Remains With Pain
Witchskull – Baphomet’s Child
Not Another Sequel, Just Another Prequel – 8-bit Superhero
Lord – Set In Stone
Killengod – Even Death Flow
Alchemist – Eve of the War
The Butterfly Effect – Sweet & Low
Sakkuth – Innocence Is A Sin
Dreadnaught – Dead In The Dirt
Cog – Doors (Now and Then My Life Feels Like It’s Going Nowhere)
Mortal Sin – Psychology of Death
Voyager – Reconnected
Airbourne – Breakin’ Outta Hell
Lynchmada – Green River