As I Destruct – Redemption
Dead Letter Circus – Change
Dead Kelly – Black Dog
Elision – Insight
Southeast Desert Metal – Rainmaker
Kevin Curran – Wake The Living Dead
The Omnific – Erin
Triple Kill – Forward Unto Hell
Monoliyth – Endless Bleeding
Circadian Pulse – Transcending Evolution
Lynchmada – Reptile Summer
Your favourite Aus Heavy Rock/Metal Album? Choose One song! \m/
Karnivool – Simple Boy
Damaged – Eternal Dismemberment Complex
Alchemist – Yoni Kunda
Chaos Divine – Rapture
Portal – Outre’
Witchskull – Raven
Cog – The Spine
Psycroptic – Echoes to Come
Xipe Totec – Ascension of the Incubus
Be’lakor – Neither Shape Nor Shadow
Virgin Black – Walk Without Limbs
Advent Sorrow – With Storming Death