After Burner – Primeval Permission
Elision – Flight
Southeast Desert Metal – Rainmaker
Red Sea – The Art Of Transcending
Psycroptic – Directive
Dead Letter Circus – Heartline
Sumeru – The Temple
Voros – Epoch Of Detestation
Hollow World – The Rose of Rancid Petals
The Omnific – Erin
Alithia – What’s Real
Battlegrave – Betray Your Beliefs
AUSSIE HEAVY REQUESTS! Aus Bands doing cover tunes.
Cog – Open Up
Frankenbok – Dont Call Me Baby
Earth – Children of the Dead
Dead Kelly – Solid Rock
Contrive – Communion
Devolved – Battery
Chaos Divine – Africa
Lord – On A Night Like This
Sleepmakeswaves – To Live Is To Die
Lagerstein – Party All the Time
Alchemist – Eve of the War
Envenomed – Horror Movie
Anatomy – The Exorcist