Miruthan – Aristotles Lyceum
Hawker – Your God

Elm Street – The Price Of War
Thy Art Is Murder – Corrosion

Kaosis – Sink into Grey
Orphans Of Dusk – I’m Going To Haunt You (When I Die)

Rites – Depletion
Triple Kill – Finish the Fight
Osaka Punch – Drones

Escarion – Towards A Futile Existence

Airbourne – Back In The Game
Daysend – This Is A Warning
Voyager – Misery Is Only Company
Abramelin – Moon Dogs
Dungeon – Tarranno del Mar
The Amenta – Vermin
Deprivation – Through the Ribcage
Droid – Through the Void
Dead Letter Circus – The Cure
Teramaze – Battle
Destroyer 666 – Hounds at ya Back