Dead Kelly – Slog Box
Eye Of The Enemy – Empire
Airbourne – Burnout The Nitro
Valhalore – Legacy
True Believer – Servant
King – Mountains Call
Droid – Mouth of the Hound
Red Sea – The Score
I Built The Sky – Stars And Darkness
Holy Serpent – For No One
Voyager – Colours
Twelve Foot Ninja – Invincible
Allegiance – Scorn
Alien Weaponry – Ru Ana Te Whenna
Hobbs Angel Of Death – Brotherhood
Black Rheno – Collision
Blood Duster – D.F.F.
Ne Obliviscaris – As Icicles Fall
Inhuman Remnants – Solipsis II
Disembowelment – The Tree Of Life And Death
Arcane – The Seer