Endvs – The Burden of Defeat
The Omnific – The Labyrinth Chronicles
Teramaze – And The Beauty They Perceive
Plague Dweller – Our Names Will Not Be Called (The Priest)
Nesher – Fabulist Colonists – EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE!
Be’lakor – Foothold
Minus Life – The Bled Unbroken
Alien Weaponry – Crooked Monsters
Zeolite – Nightmare
Nekromudgeon – Zymurgic Awakening
AUSSIE HEAVY REQUESTS – The First Aus Metal band you saw live?
Dreadnaught – The Gobbler
Mortal Sin – Lebanon
Se Bon Ki Ra – Left Of Centre
Damaged – Nails
Armoured Angel – Communion
Allegiance – Twisted Minds
Alchemist – Chinese Whispers
Devolved – Distorted
Parkway Drive – Feed Them To The Pigs
Naetu – The Burning Lands
Cryogenic – Death By Misadventure
Pegazus – Metal Forever
Vanishing Point – Samsara