Elm Street – The Price Of War
Osaka Punch – Hall of Shame

Rites – Depletion
Kaosis – Sink into Grey

Sunk Loto – The Gallows Wait
Innasanatorium – Terror Bite

Orphans Of Dusk – Spleen
Thy Art Is Murder – Anathema
Abreact – Regret

Triple Kill – The Grafted
ScarnOn – Can Game

Mindsnare – What Is Mine
Killengod – Believe In Divination
To The Grave – Axe Of Kindness
The Day Everything Became Nothing – Horror
Werewolves – I Don’t Like You
Nazxul – Divine Death
Se Bon Ki Ra – House Of Cards
Parkway Drive – Wild Eyes
Freedom of Fear – The Consciousness of Misery
Jerk – I Hate People Like That
Damaged – Nails
Blood Duster – Porn Store Stiffi
Hobbs Angel Of Death – Brotherhood
8 Foot Sativa – Escape From Reality