The Dark Horde – Victim
Corruption Rising – End of Days
Twelve Foot Ninja – Shock To The System
Noldoran – The Judas Boogie
Void Of Vision – The Lonely People
Kimura – Digital Mercy
Kronoceptor – A Stones Throw From The Gates Of Hell
Together In Tragedy – Ghostmourne
On My Command – Shadowbeast
Larry Leadfoot – Leviathan
Shihad – The Wreckage
Hobbs Angel Of Death – Marie Antoinette
King Parrot – Cold Steel Probe
Cryogenic – Analysis
Cog – Silence is Violence
Mortal Sin – I Am Immortal
Darklord – Infernal Nekromancy
Truth Corroded – Buried Alive By Demons
Abramelin – Stargazing (Stargazer II)
Abramelin – Stargazer (The Summoning)
Five Star Prison Cell – Book Of The New Sun
Be’lakor – Foothold